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Hotel Chatbots: Your Guests’ Virtual Advisor



If you look at numerous websites, you will notice a pop-up asking, “How may I help you?” That’s a chatbot. Given their significance, numerous hotels have adopted them. I’ll go into detail regarding hotel chatbots and how they can improve the hospitality sector in this blog.

What Is A Chatbox?

Chatbots are computer programs designed to interact with website users and respond to their questions. We have two different kinds of chatbots, depending on their backend: Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven programming.  IVR and programmed chatbots are quite similar (Interactive Voice Response). They are designed with a certain collection of inquiries and answers. As a result, they are unable to respond to inquiries that fall outside of their database. Conversely, chatbots that are driven by AI are far more intelligent and smart. They stay current thanks to machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). In plain English, it looks back at previous discussions to understand how people behave and then reacts accordingly. As a result, the chat appears to be a real-time communication with a person.

How could you find chatbots in hotels? 

You likely picture a chatbot on a webpage when I mention them. Yet this is only the very beginning.

Below are the top 3 chatbot channels used in the hotel sector.

Chatbots on Facebook: You can get an automatic message in your inbox after visiting a hotel’s Facebook page. Through a Facebook chatbot, that is. The message includes a link to the hotel’s website and other information about the establishment. Visitors to the page can ask the chatbot questions, and it will respond with the necessary information.

Internet chatbots: Chatbots on websites are frequently utilized. But having one that functions well is crucial. In this situation, I advise choosing the AI-powered ones. Higher conversion rate is the straightforward cause. The chatbots I mentioned previously are powered by AI. The hotel owners that used it observed an extra profit. So as you can see, chatbots on websites are pretty important since they serve as visitors’ initial points of interaction. They can immediately contact chatbots for any questions.

Chatbots for WhatsApp: WhatsApp chatbots are categorized as programmed chatbots as well. Yet, they are capable of a variety of difficult duties. A WhatsApp chatbot resembles a typical chat window.

It provides you personalized messages regarding the reservations that visitors have booked or cancelled.

What hoteliers gain from adopting chatbots?

You would want to be aware of the advantages of any hotel technology before making an investment.

Here are four strong arguments for why your hotel should use chatbots.

Increases client involvement at all stages: In the hospitality sector, chatbots’ main function is to engage guests. This is effectively done using a chatbot that is accessible to visitors around-the-clock.

Increased conversion rate with maximum lead generation. Now, they can guide guests to make a direct booking successfully in your absence. The AI-powered chatbots act as a catalyst in their decision making.

Increased potential for upselling and cross-selling. Through cross-selling and up-selling, chatbots boost revenue. Chatbots on the hotel website emphasize available accommodation upgrades and discounts for visitors. Upselling follows as a result.

Enhanced visitor marketing follow-up: Keeping existing guests is less expensive than finding new ones. Chatbots also help with this. Chatbots keep departing guests informed of hotel promotions.

They maintain the guests’ interest with these follow-ups. As a result, visitors stay longer.

Greater efficiency of the personnel: Because chatbots are visitors’ first points of contact, they weed out window shoppers. Your staff’s time and effort are saved in this way.

In the current digital world, chatbots are very significant. A recent development in hotel marketing, they. A chatbot should be present on any website, social media account, or other platform that gives visitors information on hotels. In this cutthroat environment, the only way to survive is to stay technologically advanced. Install a chatbot right away if you don’t already have one.