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How to decrease redundancy at work



Employers must take action to prevent redundancies by taking into account alternative measures.

Given the inherent legal concerns and detrimental effects on employee morale that come with implementing a redundancy procedure, it is also generally in the organization’s best interests to explore every option other than redundancy. The solutions to be thought about will rely on the employer’s justifications for the layoffs and the organization’s overall situation. The common solutions are discussed here, however it is advised to seek guidance on your particular circumstances to be sure all possibilities have been explored before pursuing redundancy.

Terminating unpaid overtime

Suspending or limiting the availability of volunteer overtime is an easy approach to cut worker costs.

Any such modification to the company’s overtime policy should be disclosed to employees in a clear and timely manner.

Limiting hiring from outside

Naturally, cutting back on any external hiring for new positions will lower your overheads (apart from those critical positions that cannot be filled internally).

Presenting a redundancy option

Though not exactly a method of avoiding redundancy, this is nonetheless something to take into account. Offering voluntary redundancy as an option for your employees is permissible, but caution is advised because this still counts as a dismissal, necessitating a reasonable process for doing so.

Think of unpaid sabbaticals, breaks from your career, or secondments.

By doing this, you may keep your important and skilled employees while providing them the freedom to pursue other interests, including school, volunteer work, or travel.

This often lasts for a set amount of time.

Examine the advantages offered to employees.

Any employee benefits that are removed could result in significant cost savings.

But before you cut benefits off at random, you must carefully consider whether they are “discretionary” or “contractual” advantages.

Laying off workers

An employee will be deemed to have been “laid off” if they are instructed to skip at least one working day of work. You may only carry out this action if the employee’s employment agreement specifically permits it.

Adopt flexible working 

You can invite employees to make a flexible working request to reduce their hours, or days worked.