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Launch an IT career with Filly Coder in about two to three months!

Come, start your IT career by joining Filly Coder!!

Visit us at and contact us for your IT career!



Filly Coder is a software development company in Accra Ghana. The distinctive teaching method used by Filly Coder is highly known for helping many students land the IT jobs they wanted. In a matter of two to three months, Filly Coder can coach an IT student or an IT pro on skill enhancement.

An institution called NextGen Filly Camp, under Filly Coder offers master’s level training in subjects like iOS application programming, AI, C, and C++. by providing the greatest Artificial Intelligence Training, securing the students’ placement, locating the ideal IT Internship or IT Jobs.

The mission of Filly Coder is to educate students and prepare them to realize their professional aspirations.

We are aware of how fierce the competition is everywhere.

We therefore have a committed staff of instructors with solid credentials in the IT sector and substantial expertise in imparting cutting-edge IT skills.

We make sure that our students receive the maximum amount of practical experience and capstone project preparation so that they are prepared to work with any technology like a pro right out of the gate.

Students interested for iOS training, internships, IT jobs, training in artificial intelligence, and C/C++ training should visit Filly Coder.

Come, start your IT career by joining Filly Coder!!

Visit us at  and contact us for your IT career!

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