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Managing Employee Productivity In 2022

Learn how using Filly Coder project management software can help you increase productivity at your business.



Increasing productivity is the largest challenge enterprises face globally as society adjusts to a new norm for living and working. Employers have struggled to control staff productivity during the pandemic due to the hybrid work paradigm and an ever-changing enterprise tech stack. Teams and individuals can both increase productivity with the use of productivity management.

We will talk about productivity management in this post, including its significance and practical advice for setting up a productive productivity management system.

Working Productively From Home (WFH)

According to Upwork studies, WFH is more productive than working from an office. Employees who work from home are roughly 47% more productive than those who work in an office because they spend 10 minutes less per day on non-productive chores. Additionally, they are more reliable, put in more time, and accomplish more. Working remotely can actually increase productivity now that many methods have been discovered.

Let’s discuss how to empower your teams to be more productive:

Give teammates responsibility

Make your team members responsible for their work while allowing them to make their own decisions. Employees are given a sense of responsibility for their work as a result of being made aware that their choices may have an impact on the achievement of the entire team.

Create Effective Communication

Effective communication within a team must be a team norm if productivity is to increase.

Determine the Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses

To assign duties appropriately, a manager must be aware of the expertise, skill sets, and talents of their team members.

Utilize project management software

There are several project management tools available that are crucial for increasing collaboration and output. Choosing the best project management tool can facilitate efficient task administration and improve teamwork.

Reward Your Staff

When their efforts are recognized and they are given rewards, employees perform at their best.

To maintain staff motivation, implement incentive programs that include cash, freebies, lunch outings, paid holidays, etc.

Your secret to achieving corporate success and result-driven objectives may be productivity management. It can help your organization greatly when done correctly. Project management requires an understanding of productivity.

Learn how using Filly Coder project management software can help you increase productivity at your business.