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Which is better for hotels: On-Premise PMS or the Cloud?



Without a doubt, the hotel software is the beating heart of your operation. You always give it some thought before changing your approach or introducing a new one. Particularly when it comes to two different forms of software cloud and on-premise and both are highly regarded. The advantages and disadvantages of desktop and cloud hotel management software are therefore presented in this blog in order to assist you in making the optimal technological decision or investment.

A hotel software, also referred to as a hotel PMS, is now a requirement. It streamlines your

  • Bookings
  • Front- and back-office tasks
  • Housekeeping
  • Upkeep of the room
  • Payments and billing
  • Rates control

Cloud vs on-premise hotel PMS

In the last twenty years, technology has grown at an exponential rate. 92% of hoteliers have indeed switched to cloud infrastructure as of today. However, 8% of hotels still favor the older hotel management system (desktop hotel PMS).

Here are both’s benefits and drawbacks, broken down for you:

Cloud Desktop 
An online PMS has the major benefit of not requiring any additional downloads or installations.A browser and a reliable internet connection are all that are needed.Extensive technical and infrastructure requirements are needed for a desktop PMS.Hardware, local servers, and unique licenses for each user are required.  
System installation issues are eliminated with cloud hotel software.As opposed to the cloud PMS, you must download the hotel software on many platforms.
They keep an eye on the fail-safes, internet connections, and automatic data backup. Cloud solutions are more secure than on-premises systems because to all these security precautions.Data security for an on-premises system is the owner’s responsibility. Devices that use the systems must have firewall and anti-virus software installed. You are responsible for monitoring data security.
An internet-connected laptop or a mobile device can use a secure login to connect to the cloud system.The computer hotel software is not accessible to everyone. It will only work on machines with legally purchased software already installed.
The majority of cloud-based technologies are offered on a subscription basis. The membership period can be every month, every quarter, or every year.Hotel management software purchased on-site is typically pricey. The software license may cost a mid-sized hotel as much as $20,000 or more.
You can integrate the cloud PMS with a variety of systems. Due to widely used web standards, it can be readily connected with OTAs and channel managers.Many connectors are also available in contemporary on-premise hotel software.Among the significant interfaces are ePABX, keycard, POS systems, and accounting software.

Businessmen today must have faith in the software that facilitates the execution of their daily responsibilities. The decision of what a person wants and expects from the system is theirs to make.

Installed software may perform flawlessly for large hotels and hotel chains since the majority of business takes place inside the hotel. But for smaller lodging companies, accessibility is their major concern.

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