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 Why you need a chatbox for your website

Having a live chat available can provide you with an advantage over the websites of your rivals who do not.



Such a little chat box might be found on the websites you frequently visit. You might have inquired about a product using a live chat feature on a business or consumer website before making a purchase. However, have you ever thought of using live chat in your company’s toolkit for sales and customer support?

Businesses who promote their goods and services online, both B2C and B2B, can benefit greatly from using live chat. Being able to respond to your customers’ inquiries and concerns in the age of immediate gratification not only shows that your business values its clients and also helps to boost sales and, consequently, profits.

A Quick Overview of Live Chat

Users can “talk” with a representative from the business whose webpage they are browsing via the live chat web service. Live support software is frequently used to offer rapid customer service, respond to customer inquiries, and lead customers through the purchasing process.

The Advantages of Live Chat on Your Website

Live chat boosts revenue and conversions.

Live chat increases conversions and revenues since you can address any concerns or objections right away. According to Gary Tramer, co-founder of LeadChat, companies may increase conversions from their current traffic by 4–8 times.  Customers who chat are three times more likely to buy. The same study concluded that customers who use a website’s live chat function are three times more likely to purchase that site’s products or services than customers who don’t use the chat function.

Increased customer satisfaction is a result of live chat.

According to an ATG Global Consumer Trend survey, live chat is valuable to almost 90% of customers.

It instills confidence to just see the chat icon and be aware that it is an option.

You provide your customers the chance for a two-way interaction when you offer chat.

Live chat boosts customer service effectiveness while cutting down on expenditures.

One customer service representative can communicate with numerous consumers at once (up to four or five people) while yet providing “one on one” service through chat, making it not only simple to set up and simple for the contact centre to master. Your need for additional staff is reduced, and productivity is greatly increased.  

Statistics as well as chat summaries may be employed to monitor and enhance communications with website users and clients.

You may fine-tune your webpage to effectively manage these issues directly on the site, enhancing your customer service, by reviewing the queries and concerns that prospective clients express via live chat.

Your business can get a competitive edge by using live chat.

Customers favor live chat over other forms of communication like email and social media. Therefore, having live chat available can provide you an advantage over the websites of your rivals who do not.

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