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Cyber security

Your business data is everything! Keep it secured!



Your business data is everything! Keep it secured!

Among 1,000 U.S. company owners with between one and four hundred and ninety-nine employees, a 20-minute online survey was conducted in 2018 by Nationwide on behalf of Edelman Intelligence.

They discovered that although as many as 76 percent of business owners think it’s critical to set up security practices and policies to safeguard confidential information, only 47 percent have done so.

Although there is more awareness, many businesses still have not completely adopted best practices.

Throughout the electronic era, the difference between operating a successful company and courting catastrophe can be made by having the greatest procedures and guidelines in place, correctly educating employees, and holding them responsible. These pointers can aid in keeping your company secure.

Put observing procedure first

Ensure that they are aware of their role in maintaining the security of company data as the top concern when it comes to employee training. They could be the weak link in an otherwise secure network, opening a backdoor for viruses or other malicious code if they don’t follow procedure and make sure the devices they use are secure.

Set up procedures to protect sensitive info

Business owners should write down their official policies and distribute them to every employee.

Inform staff members about online risks and responsibility.

Workers must be aware of the seriousness of cyberthreats and act appropriately. Assure them that they are aware of the harm that cyberattacks can cause to businesses and that they’re going to be made liable if they violate security procedures.

Make secure passwords and update them frequently.

Everyone is aware that using powerful passwords can help keep accounts secure, but how many people actually follow this conventional wisdom? Employers need to make sure staff members understand the importance of using powerful passwords and the necessity of changing them frequently for added security.

Demand a backup of all crucial info

Employees must be aware that the data they produce, manage, and/or access is the property of the business and must be protected. It must be backed up in case of any type of catastrophe, even something as minor as hardware failure, in addition to being protected against attacks. Make sure staff members are familiar with the procedures outlined in your rules for data backup, if applicable.

Train on proper email usage

Last but not least, you should talk about using email. Criminals frequently use email as a communication tool. Train new hires on how to spot fraudulent communications and educate them on spam and phishing.