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The All New Teaching and Learning Platform- Filly Tutor



Filly Tutor is made to manage the entire teaching and learning process while freeing up your time for spontaneous creative acts. We provide all the services and resources a university, private school, or educational institution needs to reinvent education.

All of this comes at reasonable costs. We specialize in offering consulting services to educational institutions and individuals, creating software and apps for education, and modifying the development to meet specific requirements.

Features of Filly Tutor Platform

Using Filly Tutor, you can expand your marketplace for teachers. Build a website or make your own, create educational content, locate new instructors and students, onboard effortlessly, manage rapidly, and continue teaching forever!

With Filly Tutor, you can advance your tutoring profession. Create a website, accept reservations, provide educational materials, oversee teaching teams, and take use of blended learning options.

Improve the efficiency and interactivity of professional course delivery for students in the twenty-first century. Take online reservations, design placement exams, offer chances for integrated learning, and present certificates.

You create your lessons and homework every day using a variety of course books, online or paper resources, videos, and audio!

What if you could combine all of these resources in one location and make profit from it?

Get started for free with Filly Tutor

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