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How to Get Rid of These Obstacles at Your Resort

Fortunately, there are solutions to the issues resorts face.

Choosing the proper marketing approach : This is perceived by many as not being a major problem for resorts.



Despite what is shown to the public, I’m sure resorts are doing rather well (if not all of them, then at least most of them). And for those that don’t fare well, there must be difficulties they are encountering within the company.

Fortunately, there are solutions to the issues resorts face.

  1. Choosing the proper marketing approach : This is perceived by many as not being a major problem for resorts. However, in fact, IT IS. To be honest, the results when you Google “resort marketing tactics” aren’t very good. And new resort owners, who have no marketing experience, just accept any random tip. Alternately, they would put into practice marketing plans created especially for hotels and other types of properties. The results are strange as a result.

So here’s how you may start to get things back on track.

Understanding your ideal guests should come first. Before you launch any marketing effort, follow this religiously. Make a list of your unique selling points next. Simply said, figure out what sets your resort apart from the competition.

  • Coping with workforce shortages or employee churn: A high employee turnover rate is common in the hospitality sector. The fact that one-third of new hires leave their jobs within the first six months is undoubtedly a serious problem that requires attention. The same rules apply to resorts in general. Extremely many workers leave their employment each year.

What to do? Choose all the admirable things you can for your staff, and go the extra mile. And let them feel like a part of the business.

  • Coordinating vendors and providers for varied needs: If vendors and their payments are not correctly managed, a number of crazy situations could arise. It’s possible that you collaborate with several vendors for separate departments. But do you keep track of all the money leaving the business and the supplies arriving? Are you keeping a list of everything that needs to be returned for a refund?

What to do? The division of duties is the most effective strategy to get beyond these challenges. Allow various managers to select one for their individual departments as opposed to one manager taking one for the team (in this case, the resort).

  • Increasing and overseeing revenue on your own: The key to raising your resort’s profitability and bottom line is revenue management. However, going it alone presents difficulties.

What to do? There are numerous revenue management service providers who offer top-notch tactics and dramatically increase your revenue.

  • Selecting the appropriate technology for your resort: Any hospitality business today, whether it is a large hotel chain, a small motel, or a luxury resort, must incorporate technology. Additionally, there are numerous suppliers of hospitality solutions.

What to do? Before you implement any form of technological solution on your home, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • What is the current need? This is the first and most important question you must ask yourself.
  • What about automation?
  • Is it fruitful?
  • You need a resort property management system if either of those situations applies.
  • Next, identify the areas that require technology integration of some kind.
  • When dealing with OTAs, you have the option of choosing a channel manager. To encourage more direct reservations from your resort website, choose a booking engine.

Now is the ideal time if you have been considering starting this business or improving your current one. The aforementioned points, I hope, will be helpful.

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