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How To Improve Your Hotel’s Guest Satisfaction



How content and satisfied your guests are with your goods and services is measured in hotels as guest satisfaction. The three Qs—Quality, Quantity, and Quickness—all play a role.

How are hotel guests’ opinions evaluated?

In hotels, gauging customer happiness is not very difficult. All you need to do is read the reviews and ratings for your hotel. There are two techniques to measure guest satisfaction:

  • Make use of the GSS (guest satisfaction survey) forms
  • Review sites online

GSS forms make it easier to record visitor satisfaction ratings for each specific property. Only the hotels have access to this information. Earlier, comments were recorded using paper and a pen.

These days, the guest is given a link to leave feedback and review their services on many platforms.

How can we raise hotel visitors’ satisfaction?

In the hotel industry, there are some factors that have a good or negative impact on client satisfaction.

To make absolutely sure that the services provided to guests are of the highest caliber, use the 3Qs.

Here are a few simple steps hotels may take to increase customer happiness.

Give their stay a personal touch: When I refer to giving them a personal touch during their stay, I mean helping them at all times. Simply extend a friendly greeting to visitors and inquire about how their visit is going and any problems they may be having. With this one action, you will receive early feedback on the guests’ experience. Any problems the visitors might be having will be brought to your attention, and you will have ample time to fix them.

Respond quickly to guest complaints: Make certain you document these complaints and respond to them promptly. You can immediately address issues from in-house visitors. It’s more challenging when complaints take the shape of unfavorable evaluations. I would advise dealing with this matter directly. To defuse the issue, you can at first respond with an explanation for the difficulty you gave them. After that, you can contact visitors via phone or mail.

Don’t disregard criticism and advice: While you are responding to reviews, you must simultaneously be working on those comments. Every piece of feedback has a lesson. Whether it’s a favorable or unfavorable review. The favorable reviews will provide you with elements that could provide you an advantage over your rivals. The negative ones, however, represent prospective problems that demand immediate care. These evaluations serve as true reflections of your hotel. Your hotel’s guest satisfaction rating will immediately rise after you begin improving the services with the lowest ratings.

Incentives for steadfast visitors: Similar to this, hotels must design engaging loyalty programs to draw in new customers and keep old ones coming back. Once you’ve signed up visitors for the rewards program, you can reward them in various ways whenever they meet a goal. When visitors fulfill the necessary requirements, they may be eligible for rewards like free nights in hotel rooms, weekend getaways, passes to an event taking place at a hotel, and other such things.

Keep in touch with visitors after they leave: Even after they go, guests are still prospective customers.

Keeping in touch with them even after they depart your property is advised. Post-stay activities start with sending GSS forms via email or WhatsApp. Hotels can create chatbots to provide this service.

Invest in innovation: The use of technology can significantly increase customer happiness. Hotel technology has grown at a dizzying pace, from installing voice-controlled devices to implementing AI-enabled chatbots.

The foundations of a hotel’s reputation are the visitor experience and guest pleasure. The latter will be impacted by a modest change in the former. You must search for the locations where your visitors’ experience is hampered. Start improvising them once all the problems have been decoded.