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The Easiest Methods For Gathering Hotel Guest Data

he marketing campaigns for your hotel would be ineffective without the information provided by guests. Because of this, it is true to say that “data is the new oil.” But have you ever wondered how hotels gather this information? How would one use it? If so, this blog will cover your needs.



What one element is crucial to every hospitality marketing plan? It’s data on hotel guests, of course!

The marketing campaigns for your hotel would be ineffective without the information provided by guests. Because of this, it is true to say that “data is the new oil.” But have you ever wondered how hotels gather this information? How would one use it? If so, this blog will cover your needs.

What makes it Vital to Gather Guest Data?

In a similar vein, every hotel’s sales and marketing strategy is built around guest data. First of all, your audience reach expands as you have more of it. Additionally, it aids in creating customized marketing strategies. Data about your visitors is useful for both marketing and getting to know them better.

Therefore, the next time they reserve a stay at your hotel, you can have everything ready for them before their arrival.

How Do Hotels Gather Guest Information?

  1. Check the history of bookings

The best course of action is to start by assessing the situation at hand. Yes, the history of your reservations. Various information can be gleaned from it, including:

  • Guest contact information
  • Any special demands on social media
  • Use a hotel PMS to your advantage

You can use a PMS when I talk about extracting your historical records. This is because gathering all the data will be simpler for you, and you won’t have to deal with the laborious chore of managing it.

Additionally, you can examine the sources of reservations. You can use this to find the channels with poor production rates and work on them.

  • Obtain visitor information from social media

This tactic will work well for you if your hotel has a social media page. Make one right now if you don’t already have one. That is because it is easier to connect with the younger audience. It also provides a wonderful platform for promoting your hotel to visitors from around the world.

  • Chatbots can be helpful.

Surely you have encountered chatbots on websites. So what does it do right away? Right, your name, phone number, and email address are the details it collects. If the chatbot is for a hotel, there will be more information like the date of trip, the intended room type, the number of people traveling, etc.

  • Data from participants in loyalty programs

The information about customers who sign up for loyalty programs is also included in the information about guests. Additionally, because the visitors mentioned there are already familiar with your property, it has a greater chance of producing leads.

How Can Hotels Create Marketing Campaigns Using Guest Data?

Data on hotel guests can be used in one of two ways for marketing campaigns. You can choose to use it for individualized marketing or for mass advertising to the audience. The first one is rather easy.

Simply design a basic format with an ongoing offer and distribute it to the audience via emails, WhatsApp, and SMS. You only need to know their phone numbers and email addresses for this.

Talking about the latter one, it requires a robust approach. It requires understanding guests’ behaviour.

Apply them at your establishment to start appealing to a larger range of customers and watch your reservations soar.