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Three ways to monitor reservations on your hotel website



Did you know? Nearly 66% of visitors prefer to make direct hotel reservations. Yes, it is correct!

Two thirds of the total number of visitors, or 66%, were present. That, my friend, is the power of online reservations for your hotel. And so, one of the main justifications for you to equip your hotel with a booking engine. You must provide opportunities for guests to come to you as they prepare to make direct hotel reservations. And using a hotel booking engine is one of such methods.

You must have now explored for strategies to discover where the reservations are coming from.

Because doing so will ultimately assist you in identifying your primary focus areas and properly allocating your inventory.

In order to help you track where your bookings and income are coming from, we’ve provided various tools.

Here are 3 methods for monitoring reservations made through your hotel website:

Booking engine and hotel website compatibility with Google Analytics: Link your Google Analytics account to your hotel website. This will make it simple for you to compare your visitor rates to those produced by the system and easily track your visitor rates.

Facebook Conversion Code: A conversion code is a little script snippet that assists you in tracking conversions from a specific page.

Affiliate tracking: Your hotel may frequently have affiliations with multiple different third parties via which you bring in guests.

All in all, these methods will provide you with information on the preferences of your visitors, suggestions for how to enhance your services, and much more.

Additionally, the proper positioning of eye-catching plugins on your website, promotions, and a number of other choices will help you draw visitors to your booking engine.