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Bringing you a coding course with 100% employment rate

Filly Coder brings you an online training platform for software developing that puts you on the path to career freedom!

Compiled for those who desire:

  • A career in software engineering
  • Experts in the field who can teach you.
  • Study anywhere you want, including at home.
  • With a flexible schedule, learn
  • Learn alongside a multicultural group of Africans.

Become a Filly Coder Certified Software Engineer in no time.

Course Includes: HTML,CSS,JavaScript, React, SQL, Web/Mobile app development, Graphic design, etc…

The Full-Stack Software Engineering Curriculum covers both Back-End and Front-End programming technologies so you can become a full-stack developer.

It is a thorough course of study that teaches students how to understand and solve new challenges as well as how to simply code.

Career Opportunities in Software Development

Front End Development

Websites and applications that meet user needs and expectations are made by front-end developers.

Roles include building features that facilitate ease of use, optimizing for mobile devices, and designing the architecture of websites and apps. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other front-end frameworks and technologies are well-versed in by front-end developers.

Back End Development

The operational logic and back-end operations of applications and information systems are created and maintained by back-end developers. The logic that tells programs how to interpret user input and what feedback to offer to the user after executing the submitted request is created by back-end developers. They excel at developing algorithms that use backend frameworks like Ruby, Python, and SQL to retrieve and manipulate data stored in database systems.


Our training programs will equip you with all the skills you need to become a web developer or an application developer.


  •  Web/Mobile Development
  •   Software Development
  • IT Training


Hello Fellow Coder, Are you confused with which course to take or want general counsel?

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