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Lodging digitization: advantages and resources to enhance operations



Hotel automation has evolved as a crucial actor in the ever-changing hospitality business, aiding accommodations in remaining productive and competitive. Automation has shown to be a great tool for hotels of all sizes, helping to streamline operations and improve the guest experience. Yet, it’s important to note that automation in the hospitality sector does not aim to displace human workers.

Instead, it’s about stepping up their efforts and achieving the challenging hotel operations’ shared objectives of improving efficiency, reducing time and expense, and raising customer happiness.

What advantages would automation have for your hotel?

Yet, there are other advantages to using hotel automation solutions outside the elimination of repetitive tasks. Let’s examine more closely how automation may boost customer satisfaction, reduce employee workload, and make operations more efficient.

  • Boost the effectiveness of everyday tasks
  • Simplify teamwork and get rid of mistakes.
  • Improve communication with guests and customer service
  • Minimizing carbon footprint
  • Boost your income

Important automation implementations for your hotel

Let’s look at software options and tools you may add to your toolbox to enhance operations and cater to visitors’ needs.

Booking Management: In order to prevent overbooking and maintain your calendar current across all of the booking channels you use, a channel manager is an essential piece of software. As you get another booking or a guest cancels their appointment, it automatically updates your availability and maintains it in sync across all channels.

System for managing hotel properties: The majority of hotels require a property management system. An organized area for organizing and automating numerous hotel operations-related chores is provided by a property management system.

With this system, you can handle duties like housekeeping, billing, communications, inventory updates, and tracking visitor information all in one location.

Alternatives for contactless check-in: During the pandemic, contactless check-in became extremely popular. There are numerous software programs and apps available to set up a contactless/self-check-in system. From kiosks for self-check-in to smartphone apps.

Suite mechanization in hotels: The guest experience may be greatly improved and your hotel can become more environmentally friendly by investing in hotel room automation. You can automate the following using the hotel room automation system:

  • Lights
  • Fans or A/C
  • Window treatments like blinds, etc.
  • Additional electronics

Automation is a wonderful tool to help you grow your business because it can be incorporated into your hotel administration. It can increase revenue, lighten your load and that of your employees, making the hotel workers happier and more effective. Also, automation will free up more time for you to concentrate on improving the quality of your guests’ experiences from good to outstanding.