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How to resolve customer issues from hotel guests and cope with irate visitors



If you work in the hotel industry, you must be aware of how important providing the greatest services is. While having contented and happy guests is always a plus, the difficult task arises when you have irate guests and are unsure of how to manage their complaints. Or, how can you handle those dissatisfied customers while maintaining your good name? You see, a one incidence of subpar service could cause customers to go to your rivals. Giving each customer the highest respect and paying attention to their complaints improves the guest experience.

What are the greatest typical hotel guest grievances?

You need to understand and analyze the different forms of client issues in hotels before we can teach you how to handle the irate visitors at your establishment.

Inadequate customer service: The phrase “poor or unsatisfactory customer service” is one of the most frequently heard complaints. It is essential that every member of your hotel personnel be courteous and well-trained, whether they work as a front desk manager, pool attendant, housekeeper, wait staff, or gym instructors. They must be able to comprehend the customer’s feelings and pay attention to them.

Unclean Accommodation: There is always a chance that rooms will be dusty or unclean owing to early check-ins, late checkouts of prior guests, or other similar causes, whether the hotel is a budget option or a five-star luxury establishment.

How can this be avoided?It’s easy. The front desk manager must ask the visitors to the immediate room to wait until the room is cleaned. Train your housekeeping workers to be as hygienic as possible as well.

Low-quality food: With millennials dominating the current generation, it is imperative to concentrate on the best-served taste and expose them to the local flavor they may have heard about in the past but are now much more eager to experience. If you have any issues with the cuisine, speak to your chef. Confront your personnel about the failure to deliver the customers’ food if it is served cold.

Yucky Scent: Your visitors didn’t come to your hotel for the musty rooms, for sure. Cleaning duties should be carried out twice daily, and sometimes more when necessary, to avoid such minor complaints. After cleaning the room, ask housekeeping to get in touch with the visitors. Training your hotel’s housekeeping team and cleaning crew will prevent scenarios like these from ever happening.

In this case, hygiene must come first while working with people.

Unwelcoming Staff: Regardless of how efficiently your hotel is run, there is a recurring issue that guests have with your personnel. More frequently than not, visitors will perceive your hotel employees as being hostile or rude while speaking with them. The best course of action in such circumstances is to respectfully hear and consider consumer complaints. Provide the guest a refund or unlimited access to any amenities in case they become irate and begin shouting about posting about their experience on social media. Do your utmost to prevent your visitors from leaving a bad review on social media.

How Should I Handle Furious Hotel Customers and Their Concerns?

Yet occasionally, things don’t turn out the way we hope they will. Furious guests are challenging to control for the hotel employees. What should one do then? How to manage complaints from hotel guests? How do you handle such irate visitors?

  • Apologize
  • Care to listen
  • Avoid arguments, remain calm, and be polite
  • Make sure your body language is not aggressive
  • Empathize and acknowledge their frustrations
  • Never pass on the guest to another department