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5 Indisputable Arguments for Hotels & Restaurants Getting Websites



The world has altered since the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is moving toward a contactless method of working. And the entire digitalization process has picked up speed. Previously at a halt, the travel industry is now expanding. But things are different this time. Brands are preferred by tourists above any indigenous service provider. Because they believe in brands. And having a fully functional website is essential for a business to establish itself as a brand. However, based on our observations, hospitality organizations avoid having a brand website and don’t even consider its significance.

To be completely honest, I wouldn’t even consider going to a hotel or restaurant without a website.

For me, that is a deal-breaker. A website is helpful to me because I always want to learn everything there is to know about the place I’m staying or dining.

You might be asking why you should invest in a website when you always have a Google listing and your hospitality business is featured on all major web portals.

Why must hoteliers have a brand website? Allow me answer that for you.  There are many benefits to having a brand website if we take its significance into account. However, I’ll tell you the top 5 reasons that will persuade you to have one right now, or more precisely, I’ll list the top 5 advantages of having a brand website.

  1. Builds trust through reliable information

As I mentioned previously, I don’t like making hotel reservations over the phone. Having a website lends credibility to your hospitality business in the eyes of the visitor.

  • Enhances guest engagement with availability around-the-clock

Ever questioned why there is an enquiry form on every travel or hotel website? Simple, ask questions for travelers to post. Because of their increased availability and capacity to generate enquiries and potential bookings, they can better engage their guests.

  • Encourages Visitors To Make Direct Bookings With You

It’s no secret that each platform assesses a fee for each reservation sent to hotels. You may try using your website to redirect some of them. Nowadays, booking engines and channel managers are integrated into websites.

  • Boosts Awareness and Brand Recognition

You would immediately think of a posh hotel chain or a well-known restaurant chain if I said, “Best Hotel / Restaurant in Ghana.” It can be Alisa Hotels, Papaye, KFC, or another business. They spent a lot of time and money developing a brand that offered the best possible visitor experience, and they progressively expanded.

  • Gets you a High Return

As a proprietor of a hospitality company, you are very frugal with your spending. We all know that marketing and promotions consume a sizable portion of your earnings. To mention a few, maintaining social media accounts, running targeted discounts on OTAs, and paying travel agency commissions. But did you know that establishing a website is significantly less expensive than other internet marketing initiatives? Yes, that’s accurate. The largest misconception about websites, though, is that they are expensive to make. It’s not, in fact.

Without a brand website, I would compare it to having all the ingredients for a dish however no fireplace to cook it on. The ingredients are your hotel’s amenities and services. A website is like a fire; it spreads the fragrance of your virtues among visitors. Are you prepared to create a website for your hotel?

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