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Filly Human Resources and Payroll Management System consists of the following sub-components which are seamlessly integrated to each other.



HR management is getting harder as today’s workforce diversifies and becomes more dynamic.

Traditional HR tactics are no longer as successful. Due to the low unemployment rate, firms must intensify their human resources efforts in order to find and keep competent workers. By utilizing HRMS software, your company may overcome these difficulties and give your employees a comfortable working atmosphere.

Filly Human Resources and Payroll Management System consists of the following sub-components which are seamlessly integrated to each other.

Payroll Management System: Through this element of Filly, you can easily calculate your employees’ salaries and deductions in compliance with the legal labor laws in your nation.

System for managing performance and assessments: This Filly tool, which monitors employee performance at work and provides timely, merited appraisals, is related to your employees’ productivity.

Biodata Management System for Employees: Filly Employee Biodata Management will save all the necessary data in the system, from the employee’s personal information to his hobbies and interests.

Internet leave administration program: Our Filly Leave, Absence and Time Management tool will keep track of the leaves taken and days worked while monitoring the employee’s absence, attendance, and working hours details.

System for Managing Hiring: With Filly Recruitment Management, you can effortlessly manage your job postings and applications online while lowering your recruitment expenditures.

Utilizing a time and attendance system: Utilizing biometric tools, Filly Time and Attendance Management enables you to determine an employee’s regular working hours as well as any overtime they have completed.

Reviews From Organizations Who Have Tried An HRMS

The payroll and HR system is crucial: My work has been simpler and more efficient than with the prior system ever since we started using the HR & Payroll system. I especially look well in reports on absence and attendance. My greater hopes for HRMS have been exceeded. I will strongly advise every small/large company out there to install an HRMS system.     

Most budget-friendly payroll and HR system: All HRMS modules have simple, easy-to-follow instructions and reasonable rates, making them all very user-friendly. We have been able to keep track of each employee’s KPIs and make sure they are entered into the system on time, which increases both the individual and supervisor’s sense of accountability.     

Why choose Filly HRMS?

Filly positions itself as the ideal option for your company by taking into account all the factors, from your budget to answering your questions.

Cost Effective: The Filly HRMS pricing structure accommodates a variety of users by allowing you to purchase a single module or the entire system depending on your needs.

High caliber: Our customer support team, which is made up of subject matter experts and system specialists, is always available to help you with any problems you encounter.

Complete Integration: Filly HRMS is an appropriate tool for effectively managing the Human Capital assets of your firm since it is integrated, compliant, and cost-effective.

Your organization’s productivity and efficiency could be greatly improved by using Filly HRMS software to handle your HR activities. By streamlining manual HR tasks, it helps managers make wiser choices. We advise implementing Filly HRMS software if your HR tasks are starting to seem like a hassle or if your organization is expanding quickly. Give your HR team the resources they need to build a safe and fulfilling work environment for your employees.